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Injury Insurance


All players, umpires, coaches and officials who are registered with NGCNA are covered by the Netball Australia Insurance Policy. Insurance is provided by Howden Group who is Netball Australia’s Insurance broker.


The Netball Australia Insurance Policy covers you whilst you are participating in sanctioned Netball Australia activities including competition, training, social functions and fundraising, as well as travel to and from these activities. 

If you are injured during a training session with your club, please ensure that your club records the details. If you are injured during fixture games at the NGCNA courts, please complete the NGCNA Injury Form. This form is available from the NGCNA First Aid Officer and at the Competitions window. Details are to be emailed to the NGCNA Secretary,

This information is necessary if you are making an insurance claim. 


NGCNA By-Laws & Constitution

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