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2023 Calendar

The 2023 season has now finished.
We look forward to seeing you in 2024.



Teaches fundamental motor skills through dance, music and games

  • NET TIER – 6 years

  • Program delivered on Saturdays over 10 rounds at 9am

  • The NGCNA facilitate and deliver program

  • Teams are not required. Participants from all club’s welcome. Registration to remain at club level

  • A club representative from each participating club required to assist the facilitator each week

  • No uniform required. Participants can wear their NSG shirts or any appropriate sporting attire

  • NGCNA to provide equipment – bibs, bean bags, markers, etc.


Focuses on refining fundamental motor skills and introducing modified netball matches

  • Program & Modified game over 15 rounds – 4 x 10minute quarters. Run on competition siren

  • Set Skill Sessions (from SET session plans) to be delivered at training. Session plans may be delivered before each game on Saturday as a warm up.  Each team to be working on the same set sessions. These will be allocated.

  • Progression Round – U7s no progression/U8s round 10.

  • Club to provide a Coach per team / Coach umpires own game

  • Club uniform required

  • No scoring

🏐 GO

Focuses on developing netball specific skills through modified netball matches

  • Modified game over 15 rounds – 4 x 10minute quarters. Run on competition siren

  • Progression Round 10

  • Club to provide a Coach per team.

  • Umpire - U9s Coach umpires own game. U10s allocated umpire

  • Club uniform required

  • U9s No scoring / U10s Scores may be kept by team. No ladder, no finals

Modified Rules

U7 Set Modified Rules.png
U8 Set Modified Rules.png
U9 GO Modified Rules.png
U10 GO Modified Rules.png

Position Rotations

  • 7-10yrs rotate through all positions – Rnd 1-15

  • Maximum of half game in same position

  • Experience equal time across all positions

  • Rotate through attack / mid / defence positions

  • Rotation roster 7/8/9 communicated to clubs


All clubs / coaches / umpires working together to educate and support all players. This includes both their skill development and behaviours.

  • Coaches shaking hands at the start of the session shows respect & the opportunity to have a quick chat about the session or game (everyone on the same page)

  •  Coaches have then set the example for players to shake hands at the end of the game showing respect to the opposition. The original 3 cheers for the umpire, the opposition and your team still deliver a positive message of good sportsmanship

  • Respect the umpire – whistle blows – stop look to umpire for direction. Instead of looking to parent on side line or another player on court and everyone remaining confused.



  • 7-9s – Normal checks of fingernails, no jewellery, no hard brim hats, hair tied up, shoelaces, etc.

  • 10s - present to umpire for checks – fingernails, no jewellery no hard brim hats, hair tied up, shoelaces, etc.

  • Shake hands with opposition at end of game

  • Positive encouragement / Team cheer

  • Coach/Umpire to educate & coach players (not parents)

  • Be the example of good sportsmanship

  • Injury – NGCNA Injury & Incident form completed


  • 7-9yrs

  • Clubs / Coaches umpiring own games – half court to the right

  • Coaching both teams to educate all players

  • Stick to sideline unless addressing a repetitive breach

  • No walking on court directing play

  • Before commencing ensure parents / spectators are back from sideline

  • No spectators on goal line

  • Normal checks of fingernails, jewellery, etc

  • Introduce yourself to opposition coach / umpire discuss level of team or individual player

  • Umpires on the same page so players do not receive mixed message

  • 10yrs

  • Allocated umpire

  • Coach may give direction from sideline



The role of the Child is to have fun! Learn new skills! Make friends! Enjoy netball!



Your role as a Parent/Guardian is to encourage your child to have fun and to try their best. Ask your child about what they did in NetSetGO and talk about some of the things they enjoyed the most. Support the coaches, umpires and centre officials so they can make sure all children are able to enjoy their NetSetGO experience. Please do not coach from the sideline, give instructions, or criticise any coach, umpire or official. During a modified game, encourage all players and cheer good play for both teams. Winning is not the focus at this level. Remember that children are given the opportunity to play in all of the netball on court positions, so encourage your child to try out each role. Remember to thank the coaches, umpires and centre officials, and to ensure you abide by the Netball Australia Codes of Behaviour.


Keep in mind why the children are taking part in NetSetGO, and what the research tells us about why children of this age participate in sport. Your role as the Coach is to create a fun, safe, inclusive and positive coaching environment, and be encouraging as you reinforce skills and technique. Understand and respect individual and cultural needs. Facilitate the principles of NetSetGO, especially providing encouragement, and the opportunity for children to build teamwork skills and friendships so they develop confidence in their netball, and themselves. Understand your role in creating and maintaining a ‘Child Safe Environment’. You can explore this further in the Play by the Rules website and online courses at Ensure you abide by the Netball Australia Codes of Behaviour.


Know the modified rules in the Set and GO tiers. Understand the principles behind modifying those rules and work with coaches and parents to support the children as they learn new skills. You have an important on-court role in helping the children develop new skills. Take the opportunity to encourage players and work in conjunction with coaches to reinforce good technique and skills. Be inclusive of all children and parents. Abide by the Netball Australia Codes of Behaviour.

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