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It is compulsory for all players to wear the full NGCNA rep uniform at all games, carnivals and State Age events, as well as when directed by the Association. Full rep uniform includes netball shoes at all times, NGCNA black jacket, dress, polo shirt, bummers and socks.


NGCNA hoodies and slides/crocs are not included in the formal rep uniform and the NGCNA hoodie is only allowed to be worn at training sessions. Compulsory training uniform includes training singlet, NGCNA bummers and shorts or generic black bottoms.


The price list below outlines all compulsory and non compulsory items available for purchase. The total price for compulsory items is $418.


Game Clothing is the supplier of NGCNA representative uniforms.

Uniform orders are completed via their portal.

Screen Shot 2023-09-29 at 2.08.03 pm.png

Price List

Elite netball competition for

U15, U17, Open divisions

Teams from SQLD & NNSW.

Elite netball competition for

U16, U18, U23 & Opens

Teams from Greater Brisbane.

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